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Premium grade concentrated liquid dyes for candle colouring, aroma beads, and incense.  Suitable for use in soy wax, paraffin wax, gel wax, palm wax and beeswax.  Only a small amount is needed; add drop by drop until the correct colour is achieved. Recommended usage 2-10 drops per 1kg wax.  Supplied with a dropper cap in the 10ml size, and with a screw cap in the 100ml size.   ***PLEASE NOTE*** We discontinued a large number of our US fragrance oils and US colours in April and put them on sale, as our US suppliers were unable to provide the 'new' MSDS needed for CLP labelling according to EU regulations which comes into effect on 1 June 2015.  As far as we understand, if you use these discontinued fragrances and colours in your products and they are 'on the shelf' by 1 June 2015, there is no need for you to use new labels until June 2017.  If you haven't bought them before, please DO NOT buy them if you can't use them in your products before 1 June 2015 (unless they are for personal use only) as you will not be able to use them without the MSDS/labels.  We will however be able to start re-introducing some of them shortly, so please keep an eye out, as some of them may appear again with the appropriate MSDS.  We will be uploading the new MSDS to the product listing pages as we receive them from our suppliers so please keep an eye out for these too. Many thanks!