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  1. **** UPDATE I will be working a couple of days a week to keep orders flowing and to keep you busy as requested!  I will be working on my own in a clean sanitised environment, and will do my best to get your orders out as fast as I can. Please be patient, and stay safe! ***

  2. As you are probably all aware by now, we have been asked to close for 3 weeks as we are considered a non-essential business.  The website will remain open so you will still be able to shop - and use voucher code WASHYOURHANDS for 10% discount on every order up till 30 April) but we will not be able to dispatch these orders until we are allowed to re-open again.  We will try to check emails periodically, we will not be able to function properly out of the office as I'm sure you can imagine.  We are so sorry that we are not able to send your orders out to you but this is out of our hands.  Orders will be prioritised in order of purchase date as soon as we are able to return to work.  Please take extra care of yourselves and your loved ones, and keep washing your hands! 

  3. Our thoughts and best wishes are with our customers and friends who have been adversely affected by this awful pandemic, in even the smallest way. 

    We wanted to reassure you that we have put extra hygiene protocols in place across the business including extra hand-washing, sanitising work areas and equipment, and social distancing.  We are of course following all WHO and government guidelines, and will adapt as we need to as this changes. 

    We may be working a bit sporadically next week and until further notice, as we work out the logistics of social distancing and as we follow government advice on self isolation and all that entails.  We will continue working as long as we can, while we are fortunate enough to show no symptoms, and we will continue to ship your orders to keep you busy during your own period of self isolation.  

    We have had some delays with slow deliveries and out of stock items, as you know, and this will continue to be unavoidable for awhile.

    Wishing you all strength and patience, and continued good health of course.


  4. In December 2019, the UK Government agreed and voted for a new Brexit deal. This means that the UK will leave the EU on January 31st 2020, but will firstly enter a ‘transition period’ until December 31st 2020.  The ‘transition period’ will run from 1st February 2020 to December 31st 2020, and during that time everything remains the same as before:

    UK must continue to obey EU rules

    UK/EU citizens can continue to work and travel to the EU/UK

    Trade remains the same as per today

    Nothing will change when shipping goods to and from Europe until at least December 31st 2020