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  1. Beer, Belgian Chocolate, English Rain, Fruity Chypre, Herbal Fresh, Lavender & Chamomile, Lotus Blossom, Oud Rose, Passion Fruit, Patchouli, Rosebuds, Smokey Oud, Tangy Citrus, Tea Rose, Tonka Bean, Woody Amber  

  2. Happy New Year to all our lovely customers! We're offering 25% off a large number of 50ml fragrances and other assorted goodies on our Special Offers page, valid till the end of January. We're also including additional sale codes in all parcels we send out this month, so remember to keep an eye out for these! Wishing you everything wonderful for this bright and sparkly New Year! 


  3. We'll be closing for Christmas on Thursday 20th December, so last orders will need to be in by midnight on Wednesday 19th December.  Last orders will be dispatched on Thursday 20th December but please bear in mind that we can't guarantee a definite next-day delivery so close to Christmas.  Our return date will be Thursday 3rd January.  Many thanks and Merry Christmas!