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This category contains fragrance oils which have been discontinued by us because they are slower sellers, and we need to make room for new fragrances.  They have not (currently) been discontinued by our suppliers or manufacturers, so they will still be available to order in the 16oz (US) or 1kg/2kg (UK) sizes or larger.  16oz/1kg/2kg sizes are listed as Pre-Orders; larger sizes are available on request (please email us for these).  Pre-order fragrances are available to buy in advance and we'll order them for you (click on item for full information on pre-ordering).  If you're looking for a fragrance which was discontinued awhile ago, or discontinued by the manufacturer, we may be able to create something similar for you (please see our Samples page for Bespoke fragrances).  Please note: Pre-Orders must be ordered separately so as not to delay the rest of your order; thank you!