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EU CLP (Candle, Label & Packaging) Regulations require that you keep SDS (Safety Data Sheets) on file for the products that you sell, and corresponding Labels on your products which provide the necessary information required to comply with these EU regulations.  In this category you'll find SDS and Label Information for candles for our fragrance oils at the standard rate of 10%.  We will no longer be supplying these for reed diffusers, room sprays, blends, or third party oils, and we are currently unable to produce new CLP SDS or label templates until further notice as our CLP supplier is no longer providing this service.  We are not obliged to provide candle SDS (only fragrance SDS) but we do try our best to keep our customers happy so we will work on this issue and report back if/when we find an alternative solution.

*** We have started adding some of these for free; please see our Docs page to download free CLP SDS and label templates ***