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New style large 8-cavity clamshell snap-pack packaging for break-apart wax melts.  Made in the UK from Recycled Polyethylene Plastic, these are 100% recycleable*. Suitable for use with all types of wax and also melt and pour soap.  Allow wax or soap base to cool slightly before pouring to avoid melting the moulds, allow them to set and cool completely before closing the lid to avoid perspiration.  These clamshell moulds have 8 cavities and each single cavity measures 2cm x 2.5cm.  Overall length 17.7cm, Width 8cm, Depth 2.5cm.  Each clamshell holds 125g wax.

*Recycle as normal for standard plastic, or return used (clean) clamshells to us and we will send them back to the manufacturer to be recycled again.