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Order 2 x 200ml of the same fragrance and we'll send you 500ml; order 4 x 200ml of the same fragrance and we'll send you a litre!


ESP = Extra Sensory Perfection fragrance oils.  We are not allowed to sell designer types or perfume 'dupes' as the perfume houses are extremely protective of their brands.  Some of the fragrances in this category may have similar notes to some you find familiar, but those we have had made ourselves are not intentionally designed to duplicate existing fragrances which have their own brand and trademark.  We do not sell copies of anything; our own version may be similar as they may contain some of the same notes, but that is also up to your own personal interpretation.  We don't list the names of those you may be able to compare them to, as that in itself is seen as copying, and we can't call them 'types' either.  There are thousands of beautiful fragrances out there and there is no need to copy anyone else's, so please bear this in mind if you are selling these yourself.  We always prefer to be as original and unique as possible; and we encourage you to do the same.  Please see the Bespoke Fragrance option on our Samples page if you'd like to create your own unique blend.  Many thanks!