It is with deep sadness that I will be closing Sensory Perfection on 31 March 2022. It has been a truly wonderful journey over the last 16 years, from a small back bedroom to a medium sized business, with so many exciting ventures, 4 different premises, lovely friendships and so much enjoyment along the way, but the time has come to move on; and as they say, all good things must come to an end.

I have always taken so much pride in supplying fabulous premium quality products and providing excellent customer service, but I have reached the end of my tolerance with the endless EU restrictions, red tape and Customs problems, which reflect badly on all of us and adversely affect the enjoyment of running a business such as this one. We had so much fun in the 'good old days' – mixing our own concoctions and creating weird and wonderful fragrance blends - we had so much more creative freedom. I will always have such fond memories of these times, as I'm sure many of you do too.

All items will be going on sale with immediate effect; I need to clear all my stock, so prices will all be well below cost. Please grab whatever you can while it’s still available, or email me with any offers that I won’t be able to refuse! I’ve added a Pre-Order section to my website, where you will be able to pre-order our UK fragrance oils (and flavour oils) in 2kg/5kg/10kg sizes, and a separate Pre-Order section for US fragrance oils where you can order the 16oz sizes. These options will be available until the end of February only, to allow sufficient time for these fragrances to reach us before we close at the end of March, so please stock up as soon as possible on whatever you need to see you through for a few months, or longer.

I’m not planning on disappearing or leaving you without continuity. At the end of March I will let you know where you can source these exact same fragrances, and I’ll still be available to advise you on products and  contacts and any other information you may need, so you won’t be left in the lurch. Please note however that these will only be available from the manufacturers in the 2kg/5kg/10kg sizes. 

It will be lovely to keep in touch and continue to follow you all on your respective journeys. It has been amazing watching some of you start as newbies and become the successful businesses that you are now, and I will miss your funny stories and exciting updates. Good luck with all your future plans and ventures, and whichever paths you choose to take on this wonderful road of life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your custom, loyalty and friendship over the years. I will miss Sensory Perfection – and all of you - enormously!

Love and best wishes always,



*** Turnaround time is currently 10 working days or longer while it is so busy.  Many thanks! ***