Welcome to Sensory Perfection, where you will find a huge selection of premium quality Fragrance Oils, all of the highest quality and strength, and a range of supplies for candles and soapmaking.  All of our fragrance oils are suitable for use in candles, soap and cosmetic products (except for a handful on our Candles Only page), oil burners, lamp rings, incense, reed diffusers, room and linen sprays, pot pourri, simmering granules, air fresheners, and all home fragrancing. Some of our fragrance oils are manufactured in the UK, and some are imported from the US.  They all comply with EU regulations, and are suitable for use in melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap making, and other bath and body care products.  You will find MSDS data sheets, allergens and IFRA data on each product page, under each fragrance description, you'll find CLP SDS on our CLP page.  All of our fragrance oils are suitable for use in paraffin, vegetable and soy wax, and there are a few which are suitable for gel candles. Our UK-manufactured fragrances and flavours are not tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal ingredients. They are vegan friendly and comply with the Vegan Society guidelines.  We also supply vegan friendly Lip Balm Flavour Oils, Candle Dyes, Soap Dyes, Silicone Moulds, and a few other accessories, and we also offer a Bespoke fragrance service for those who would like it.  Please contact us via our Contact Page if you have any questions which have not been answered on our website.  Many thanks!    

Current Best Selling Fragrances

1. Orange Blossom
 2. Campfire Marshmallow
3. Palo Santo
4. Woodsmoke
5. Beach Bum
6. Cactus & Sea Salt
7. Barber Shop
8. Monkey Farts
9. Woodland Sea Salt
10. Cherry Bakewell


11. Green Clover & Aloe
12. Vanilla Sandalwood
13. Rose Patchouli
14. Lemongrass
15. Galaxy of Stars
16. Sherbet Lemon
17. Basil
18. Mermaid Kisses
19. Vetiver
20. Strawberry Rhubarb


*** Turnaround time is currently 2 working days.  Many thanks! ***