US Fragrance Oils - UFI date extended

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We are in the process of discontinuing all of our US oils due to the EU UFI regulations but we are offering a pre-order option on the 16oz size until the end of next year (2020), so you can still order them this way and use them up till the end of next year. We will order them for you as soon as you place your order, and they will be shipped to us within 2-3 weeks.  This time frame depends on Customs and how long they take to clear and process the parcels.  Busier times (e.g. Christmas) may be slower.  Our US fragrance oils will now be available in the 16oz size only, which is just under 500mls (usually approximately 473mls, depending on the weight of the fragrance - some are heavier than others).  Please remember to order these separately (not with other items which are available on our website) unless you are happy for your order to be delayed.  Please order early to stock up on your Christmas fragrances and avoid disappointment.  Thank you!