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Brexit Transition Period

Brexit Transition Period

19th February, 2019

Brexit Transition

Since January 31st, the regretful exit from the European Union looks 
very odd from the outside and has left many with questions.
“What are they doing?”
“What are the rules now?”
“Are they surviving on Marmite and tea?”
“Do I have to pay tariffs? Is anything getting in or out?”

Sometimes when a country is going through some changes, some feel it is 
best to stand back, until they sort themselves out. We want to provide 
some reassurances to our dearly beloved European customers about what is 
going on with us and our government. For the rest of 2020 nothing is 
changing while the UK government attempts to form new trade agreements.
This means there will continue to be frictionless trade. Customers don’t 
need to worry about customs declarations, tariffs and additional 
paperwork. Order from Gracefruit, and products will travel across the 
channel with the same service we have provided since we began business. 
As things become more clear about the direction the government may take, 
(We sympathise with how unclear and confusing the British government has 
been about communicating plans) we will keep everyone updated as to what 
we will be doing to continue serving present and future customers. We 
are doing a great deal to continue providing the same level of service 
and care as we appreciate your custom. We have new products coming out 
that we can’t wait to share with you, and to answer the most important 
question: we are surviving on a lot of tea, coffee, and biscuits. Please 
send chocolate spread. We’ll send you some really appetising fragrance 


- The Gracefruit Team

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