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New in: Honeycomb Fragrance Oil

New in: Honeycomb Fragrance Oil

30th March, 2023

Honeycomb Fragrance Oil

When we hear the words, "Honeycomb" we tend to think of the crunchy sweet often found on seaside holiday trips. This Honeycomb fragrance oil is more like an encounter with the actual wax cells built by bees. It conveys a sense of comfort and ease with the world. It is the essence of Hygge. It can be blended beautifully with other scents. Imagine combining it with lemon, vanilla, heather, or something a bit woodsy. It is a unisex scent that finds a comfortable place that is accessible to so many.  Even on its own it sets the most wonderful mood. For people who don't wish to use actual beeswax in candle-making but miss that scent, this might be a good alternative in the production of soy candles. It really is the scent that dismisses anxiety and lets you create a quiet and inviting world of your own. 

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