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Product of the Week: Annatto Powder

Product of the Week: Annatto Powder

8th August, 2018

Annatto Powder

This powder is high in bixen, the natural colorant in annatto seeds. Wonderful in oil infusions and, depending on the concentration, may be used to colour soaps from yellow to orange. Take care when using annatto powder as it can stain skin and clothing.

This powder is a lovely natural alternative to using artificial colourants in cosmetics such as soaps and other personal care products. Harvested from the tropical tree, the bixa orelana, which produces beautiful white flowers that slowly develop thousands of vibrant red and orange seeds needed to make this marvellous richly coloured. It is both water soluble and oil soluble and can be added to a variety of cosmetics to create beautiful warm and earthy tones.


- The Gracefruit Team

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