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Product of the Week: Aurora Florealis

Product of the Week: Aurora Florealis

5th October, 2021

Aurora Florealis

Aurora Florealis fragrance oil is romantic. It is a playlist of emotion.
It is like a Burt Bacharach song with lush harmonies, and key changes
that make one feel sentimental about every single season. It really is
incapable of being cool and jaded about anything. The woods and the
fruity floral accord make it clear that it is incapable of hiding its
feelings. You end up falling in love with this scent because of that. It
can be playful and so full of life with that raspberry, bergamot and
citrus. The kind of experience where one kicks off their shoes and does
cartwheels across a park or makes friends with every animal they run
across. This is sunshine or chamber pop. Where the world follows your
whims and the string section is the emerging feeling that has been
hidden after a long winter. It is the heart of violet, rose, and
agarwood is the punch of strength. They will look you in the eye when
declarations of the truth and love must be made like a Linda Ronstadt
album. There isn’t any time-wasting. It is now or never and the best
choice is to say yes. For that ending is the base of caramel, leather,
and vanilla. It is smoky, intimate, and sweet. It is late at night and
the only answer is some Marvin Gaye. It is time to dance and be free
while you giggle. Aurora Florealis will make you have a crush on the world.

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