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Product of the Week: Banana Fragrance

Product of the Week: Banana Fragrance

17th August, 2021

Banana Fragrance

The banana is an ancient and new thing. It was highly prized across the
Islamic world in the 10th century -allegedly the best ones came from
Grenada. Yet it wasn’t a terribly well known fruit (a berry!) in much of
Europe and North America until the late 19th century. (And even then
still something of a luxury.) The scent is one that people can recognize
from across the room. It is one that people either love or hate. It
doesn’t exist for nuance but when you love it, Banana fragrance oil is a
true delight. Our Banana fragrance oil has a kind of candy sweetness to
it that makes for really fun soaps or bubble bath. There are those who
might fall in love with it if found in a shampoo. We like to think it
would be interesting to combine it with coconut to create a kind of
tropical cocktail for the senses. Some may never make it to a tropical
island but this scent may allow one the fantasy for just a little while.
Let’s indulge in a few fantasies with Banana fragrance oil.

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