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Product of the Week: Black Cafe Fragrance

Product of the Week: Black Cafe Fragrance

1st March, 2021

Black Cafe Fragrance

You aren’t entering some coffee shop with melodic guitar music played in the background while you decide between a flat white or an Americano while accepting your fate with the usual brownie or disappointing croissant. Black Cafe fragrance oil is a much more personal experience.  It can be one single moment where someone hands you a cup of coffee and the backs of your fingers touch the soft weave of their flannel shirt.
If you linger in this place you will discover so much more with this fragrance. It could be breakfast with a sexy lumberjack or jane (This isn’t a scent that is limited to any one being. It has too much depth.) where the cedar and resin of amber clings to them after being outside.  They are grinding the beans for the morning brew but it doesn’t fill up the room just yet. And even after they wash with soap that might have that green spice of sandalwood it doesn’t leave them bare of experience.
It becomes one more piece of a symphonic bouquet; much like the music they might put on while they make you breakfast. You might hear violins, oboe and trumpets stand out but there comes the time when every part unites together into something fantastic and your heart races. You half expect to hear poetry, a dawn chorus, or the crunch of dead leaves when you take in the aroma of confidence and unashamed tenderness.
It isn’t just coffee, it is a thrilling intimacy where there are new surprises with each encounter.
Skip the expected and have an adventure.

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