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Product of the Week: Blue Amberwood Fragrance Oil!

Product of the Week: Blue Amberwood Fragrance Oil!

17th October, 2018

Blue Amberwood Fragrance Oil

You have been invited out on an adventure with Blue Amberwood fragrance oil. You will be going somewhere warm and and lively: just you and the scent. You must be patient and follow the rules of this fragrance. You aren’t allowed to gobble up all of it up at once, nor can you pick and choose what you want and discard the rest like a petulant child. It will begin with crisp notes of citrus, grapefruit and lime. This will wake you up and make you pay close attention. There may be moments of tranquility but laziness isn’t permitted. You won’t think of glancing around for something else to distract you. You are lead on a dance to the heart of blue agave where things become soft, green and floral. It is as if you are strolling through a conservatory with unusual plants that want to give its nectar freely. Blue Amberwood wants you to consider other possibilities and you can’t help but agree because you want to see where you are taken. It allows you to relax into an intimate tropical sweetness with cinnamon, amber, vetyver (to bring you back to reality because you can’t stay in paradise forever) and then dark chocolate which will ask you, “Would you like a little bit more?” Of course you do. You have made the right choice and will be rewarded with further experiences.


- The Gracefruit Team

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