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Product of the Week: Blueberry Fragrance

Product of the Week: Blueberry Fragrance

3rd August, 2021

Blueberry Fragrance

Jam! Tarts! Crumble! Oh this is the scent of Blueberry fragrance oil. It
is sweet, tangy and fruity. You will smell this and want to make
pancakes or waffles and find blueberries syrup. It isn’t a cold
fragrance. It is truly warm and inviting. You want to hang out in
someone’s kitchen. If used in candles you may insist upon breakfast with
plenty of toast and butter. Not all scents that seduce are about the
usual florals, spice, and musk. Sometimes something sweet can make one
weak. It can remind one of jam bubbling in the pan on a hot day in the
summer, or recall memories of the deep winter when someone is making
something special for pudding. This fragrance will bring so many smiles.

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