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Product of the Week: Briar Rose Fragrance

Product of the Week: Briar Rose Fragrance

28th September, 2021

Briar Rose Fragrance

It isn’t often that a fragrance oil has everyone at Gracefruit so
excited and interested. After all, scent is incredibly personal and the
context can shift so easily but Briar Rose fragrance oil is something
truly spectacular. It is leading the way for the trend towards chypre
floral fragrances that will be coming everyone’s way over the next few
years. This particular combination is significant from a historical
perspective. It is what people turn to time and time again after
experiencing something truly life changing or having lived through
immense upheaval. It was embraced by people in the roaring twenties
after the Great War, and the 1918 pandemic. People developed a passion
for it after World War II. (It was also embraced towards the end of the
1970s when so much changed for so many on a cultural and political
level.) It was one way to feel something entirely different and Briar
Rose understands that desire so well. The immediate experience is a
sharp tango between spices and wild rose. Yes one will lead the other
but it isn’t controlling, it is opening itself to something more
intimate. Woods and a sugary vanilla that borders on being like
marshmallows around the fire is the heart but it isn’t that simple or
nostalgic. It is the kiss between the masculine and feminine exploring
utter vulnerability before becoming animalistic with amber and musk.
This fragrance is seeking out the truest self and finding a peculiar
kind of power in that moment. It has a cinematic quality that brings to
mind “Brief Encounter” or a haunting mystery full of longing. This is
the scent of more than survival. It is survival with an awakening to do
something different and to live with a fullness that may upset a few
people but will give such meaning to life. Live fully, love madly, and
find the gift of existence a truly great one -even with the pain.

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