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Product of the Week: Energising Oasis Fragrance

Product of the Week: Energising Oasis Fragrance

10th August, 2021

Energising Oasis Fragrance

There comes a point in summer when all of it is just too much. People
might feel a little grumpy. Plans made aren’t going to happen. Maybe one
has a sunburn, or the mosquitoes are just too much. Just a real case of
the August terribles. (Historically a time for a geopolitical crisis to
kick off when really everyone needs a nap.) It is time for Energising
Oasis fragrance oil. It does two things especially well. It revives and
soothes. The citrus isn’t juicy but it closer to the peel. It reminds
you that it is okay to feel less than cheery at a time like this and
gently nudges a little more energy out of you. It inspires one to take a
different direction. “No I don’t think I will let that person dictate
how my day will go. In fact I will not participate in their lies. I am
going to live better.” That is the quiet touch of spice reminding you
that you have spirit that isn’t going to be crushed by a bunch of
mediocre sorts. You are going to LIVE well. Then it cools off a bit with
woods and musk. It reminds you that you can go and sit elsewhere and
enjoy yourself. Take a time out from the chaos. Read a book, sip a cool
drink, smell the flowers, call someone you love and make plans for the
future. You can create your own path with this scent.

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