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Product of the Week: English Rose Fragrance

Product of the Week: English Rose Fragrance

22nd March, 2021

English Rose Fragrance

English Rose fragrance oil possesses a certain kind of aplomb that comes with experience and opportunity. It isn’t the kind of rose that seeks to lead you astray, leaving you disoriented and dishevelled. (Which is fun now and then.) This rose is luscious but does not feel like it needs to tell every secret as it warms to you. Instead it gives the gift of easy confidence and gentle pleasure.
It can please itself and knows how to set everyone else at ease. This is a feminine scent but one must be very clear it isn’t docile or simpering. This is the one that knows a few truths and will share them. They will say, “Buy that good quality shoe and buy it in every colour, then you won’t have to worry about what to wear.” They will express loyalty to reliable work and well cultivated talent.
They want you to have the very best as well and will insist you take that route too. It isn’t pushy but it knows when it is right and sees little point in giving in to something less than pleasing or of excellent quality. Details matter but perfection doesn’t.
Curiosity about the world remains but leaping after every trend doesn’t hold their attention. We aren’t here to waste our time with disappointment, we are going to move through life with purpose and make it a little more pleasant along the way.
This scent is a little special as it is the closest we've found to the expensive absolute essential oil. It doesn’t believe in breaking the bank to be exceptional, nor should you.

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