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Product of the Week: Honey Powder!

Product of the Week: Honey Powder!

15th August, 2018

Honey Powder

Since the dawn of time, honey has been used in a million different ways by cultures around the world to help in the healing process for so many maladies. (Even in 2000 B.C. there is recorded evidence of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks using it to help treat skin wounds. Even today in Burkina Faso where bees are big, honey is used as a cleansing agent.) In particular honey has been used to treat a number disorders of the skin. Honey is reliable but can be a bit sticky. Which brings us to Honey Powder. It is a natural humectant that is a bit of a triple threat in what it can do for skin with a variety of issues. It can draw and hold in moisture, works well as a cleanser, and is soothing with its anti-inflammatory properties. Whether it is acne, dry, or sensitive skin that needs a bit of gentle attention, this is the product that can be used on the skin at nearly every stage of life. What is also brilliant is how Honey Powder can also be used in many products. From soaps (hot and cold process) to face masks and lotions. Like a reliable winter coat, honey powder is ready to go anywhere.


- The Gracefruit Team

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