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Product of the Week: Oligoquat M!

Product of the Week: Oligoquat M!

15th November, 2017

Oligoquat M

This week's featured product is wonderfully moisturising for skin and hair: Olgoquat M!

A powerfully moisturising quat, excellent for both hair and skin care treatments.

This substantive, moisturizing, quaternized oligosaccharide is derived from sugar cane. It can provide damage repair to skin and hair and is effective in leave-on products as well as rinse-off, such as body wash, hair care, and skin care formulations, especially dry or damaged hair/skin. Ideal for rinse-off and leave-on applications for hair and skin. The substantive, moisture-providing layer is retained on the hair and skin after rinsing, providing excellent humectant and softening properties. As oligoquat M creates a protective barrier on the skin, keeping the elements out and the skin healthy and hydrated, it is an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care. When used in a hair care cosmetic formulation, oligoquat M is an excellent cosmetic ingredient, leaving the hair smoother, hydrated with a lasting shine.


- The Gracefruit Team

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