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Product of the Week: OliveM 1000!

Product of the Week: OliveM 1000!

27th June, 2018

OliveM 1000

Olivem 1000 is naturally derived from olive oil, making it a great self emulsifier. Non ionic and PEG-free, Olivem 1000 works brilliantly within a wide variety of cosmetic products.

OliveM 1000 is wonderful in creams and lotions with great spreadability and will leave skin feeling silky and smooth with no soapy effect. It's also fantastic in hair conditioning treatments. Due to its unique combination of fatty acids, OliveM 1000 is incredibly similar to the skin's surface, making it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care directed towards a range of skin types, but lending itself particularly well to dry, mature skin. It is deeply moisturising, making it wonderful for creams, lotions and other leave-on cosmetics, and provides excellent spreadability and works exceptionally well with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. OliveM 100 can be used as a sole emulsifier, or with co-emulsifiers or added with several water-phase thickeners.

- The Gracefruit Team

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