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Product of the Week: Rice Flower Fragrance

Product of the Week: Rice Flower Fragrance

13th April, 2021

Rice Flower Fragrance

Rice flower fragrance oil travels through time. It has witnessed every age without becoming cynical or hardened to existence. You learn that immediately when you smell Jasmine, Lily, and Rose. There is a lightness -a playfulness to this scent’s personality.
It wants to create a happy feeling in its surroundings and does so by setting you at ease. It won’t overwhelm anyone or intimidate anyone. It seeks to tell a few stories and make the world seem like a place of possibility. Its earthy side appears with bamboo and ginger. At the edges you may think of the smoky touch of lapsang souchong tea for Rice Flower carries a few secrets.
Like someone who never tells the whole story of why they were hiding in Singapore during the war, or how they came into possession of a manuscript by a mysterious poet who might have been a spy. They merely know where you should eat if you mention you wish to travel. They will point you towards a tea house that will revive you. You don’t need to know every answer, just enough to send you on your way in good hands.
It isn’t innocent to the unkind ways of the world, nor does it make excuses for what has ever happened but it chooses to bring affection and cordiality with its amber base. It can’t undo the past but it can offer hope, affection, and a little excitement when you are in its company.
It will guide everyone through each era with good humour and some well earned passion.

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