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Product of the Week: Scottish Tablet Fragrance Oil!

Product of the Week: Scottish Tablet Fragrance Oil!

28th November, 2018

Scottish Tablet Fragrance Oil

Do you have a sweet tooth but would like to avoid passive aggressive
visits with the dentist about the state of your teeth? Embrace the scent
of Scottish Tablet fragrance oil. Inspired by the caramel buttery
confection, it will bring a warmth to your day that just might match the
warmth and pleasure that hikers in the highlands experience when they
snap off a piece of tablet after reaching the apex of an arduous climb.
Now a few outside of the British Isles might look quizzical regarding
tablet. It is a cousin of fudge -a little more firm, a little more
grainy. The sort of old-fashioned sweet a Granny might make on a sunday
for children. (and it keeps very well.) It isn’t smoky like dulce de
leche despite the use of condensed milk in many recipes. It is A small
pieces melts in your mouth and gives a sweet rush. You can still
experience that rush when this scent is added to a number of products.
Imagine a bath with this. Or lighting candles that brings a
mouth-watering sweetness to the room. So you may have to rush to the
kitchen and make your own Scottish tablet once you smell this but at the
very least you can carry it with you throught-out the day. Tempting to
those between the ages of 3 to 90.

- The Gracefruit Team

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