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Springtime Restorative Oils

Springtime Restorative Oils

15th March, 2015

Posted on Mar 15th, 2016 by Elizabeth C

With winter weather (hopefully) out of the way it's finally time to help our skin recover from the harsh dryness and cold. Here are a few oils which you can use to help repair skin, hair and nails as well as maintain and improve their condition over the year with just a few drops every so often.
Rosehip - Rosehip seed oil is massively popular in the beauty industry for a very good reason; its high levels of retinoic acid and vitamin C make it a massive contender in the fight against ageing. This super-combo of beneficial nutrients makes it excellent at removing problems such as acne scars, burns, age spots and stretch marks which develop over time and can diminish confidence. As it acts as a natural skin lightener it can be used to even skin tone, reducing the appearance of any damage, redness or scarring. Rosehip seed oil's wide collection of vitamins, essential linoleic and linolenic fatty acids can also be used to nourish and protect the hair, offering lasting effects when used long-term. It can also be used to strengthen your nails!
Prickly Pear - Another super oil which has recently been appearing in several restorative products recently is prickly pear oil - also known as barbary fig oil. It is heralded for its unbeatable hydrating properties when added to cosmetic applications or simply used neat! As this is a very gentle oil that can be used to help heal and repair dry skin, cuts and blemishes without causing irritation and can also reduce redness and any inflammation. Due to its high Vitamin K content prickly pear oil can also reduce the appearance of dark circles and help restore damaged or brittle nails. When used for hair, this oil gives it a gorgeous glossy shine whilst helping to keep it soft and hydrated.
Camelina - For skin that is sensitive or prone to redness and irritation camelina oil is ideal. Just a few drops helps to keep skin moisturised and promotes its natural elasticity without aggravating it. Due to its high Vitamin E content it offers strong antioxidising properties, helping to keep skin protected from the harsh elements and prevent free radical damage. If you find yourself suffering from dandruff or an itchy scalp, camelina oil can be used to moisturise and relieve these symptoms whilst also offering its lovely nourishing and softening benefits to hair. 

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