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  1. We've just sent out our newsletter for November so please check your spam boxes as they seem to be disappearing into them these days!  If you haven't yet signed up for our newsletter, you'll find this option at the bottom of each page on our website.  We only send out one newsletter every month.  Many thanks!

  2. Please see below message from our supplier regarding future batches of this wax: 

    We have been made aware that the New NatureWax Elite 300 has undergone a change in its formula due to the USA FDA rules to protect the introduction of trans fats into the food network. This resulted in Cargil not being able to obtain one of the main ingredients needed to make the previous NatureWax Elite-300. The location of the manufacturing facility also changed and this also impacted the product format.  The new Elite 300 is now in powder format, is 100% Palm wax. Our sincere apologies for the delay in this information. 

  3. For those of you needing CLP SDS and label templates for candles at 10%, you'll find them here on our CLP page.  We will no longer be supplying these for reed diffusers, room sprays, blends, or third party oils, and we are currently unable to produce new CLP SDS or label templates until further notice as our CLP supplier is no longer providing this service.  We are not obliged to provide candle SDS (only fragrance SDS) but we do try our best to keep our customers happy so we will work on this issue and report back if/when we find an alternative solution.

  4. We've discovered that this product has been tested on animals, so we've discontinued it as this does not adhere to our strict anti-cruelty policy.  According to the supplier, these tests were carried out up till 2009 to comply with EU regulations.  We will be adding a suitable alternative next week.

  5. We're now offering credit vouchers for performance reviews for fragrance oils; just email us with your comments regarding fragrance performance in soap or candles and we'll publish them on our website and set up credit vouchers for you to use.  Voucher values will vary per review, depending on the detail of your results (we would love your opinions on fragrance strength, scent throw, scent hold, discolouration, acceleration, and any other details you may wish to add).